Roon Bridge 2.0 update crashed my RPi4 roon bridge filesystem

Well the core (Synology) and remote (Mac M1) all updated. When I was told to update the bridge I did what I was told, and then my RPi4 was trashed it seems.

Rebooting the RPi4 after ages of inactivity gives “The root filesystem on /dev/mmcblk0p2 requires a manual fsck”. Doing that gets “Superblock needs_recovery flag is clear, but journal has data. Run journal anyway?”. Running the journal leads to this rather dead looking end “fsck.ext4: unable to set superblock flags on writable. writeable: ************** WARNING: Filesystem still has errors *************”

Any ideas anyone? I’m way out of my depth here. And the RPi4 has been running faultlessly for well over a year.

The irony is that 2.0 plays just fine with the Trinnov Altitude 16 and the Macbook M1 local clients that I rarely use, and my phone that now has ARC that, hopefully, I will use. But the device I use 95% of the time is now looking dead until I do a complete rebuild - Linux OS, Roon Bridge, CamillaDSP, Spotifyd (for visiting Spotify addicts), NodeRED …

… or am I being unduly pessimistic?

Anyway, until I get some feedback from @support, perhaps hold off upgrading your Roon Bridge

Hi @John_Warden ,

This error indicates that the RPi4 Operating System has found issues, potentially due to hardware failure. If you’re still having issues here, you may want to try to replace the SD card and reflash the Pi. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the response @noris. I do understand that’s what the message is telling me - and I’d come to the conclusion when I posted initially that unless you guys had some special insight, then I was facing a rebuild of everything. The second reason for posting was just in case the Roon Bridge update had caused the crash. Given that no one else has reported anything similar, it’s most likely that it was just an unfortunate coincidence for me.

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