Roon (Bridge) *and* Audirvana on the same Mac?

hi all

pre-install (trial) question: can Roon Bridge and Audirvana happily and peacefully run at the same time on my Mac mini (dedicated) player? :nervous: (obviously only one at a time will actually be playing music)

my setup will be: music files on a Qnap NAS, Roon Core on a Mac mini Server and Roon Bridge on a dedicated Mac mini player

both server and player are headless so… I’d rather not have to quit/launch Audirvana/Roon, opening a VNC connection, each time I want to use one or the other

thanks :slight_smile:

On the Roon side it’ll work just fine. The only concern is with exclusive mode – since the OS will only allow one application to use the audio device.

If you don’t use exclusive mode on either, then there should be no issues at all.

If you do, just run realize that both applications can’t “open” the audio device. If you pause the playback in Roon, it will let go of the sound device after about 10 seconds, which should free up the device to be used by others. You can also hit cmd/control-T in Roon (or long press the pause button) to stop the audio playback and release the audio device without the delay.

I am unsure how Audirvana works.

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thanks Danny :slight_smile:

so… it will work just fine, on Roon side, even if set to exclusive mode, right?
or the OS itself might cause troubles? (if not I’ll pester, in case, A+ developer too :stuck_out_tongue: )

The OS is not causing troubles. You can’t have 2 things opening the sound device in exclusive mode. That’s an OS enforcement, but think about it… no mixer means only one guy can use the device, thus the usage of the word “exclusive”.

The question is if Audirvana releases the sound card when you stop playing. My guess is that it probably does. Try it out :slight_smile:

ok. just wanted to have all issues “solved” in advance and fully enjoy the 14 days trial instead of using it for troubleshooting :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you once more, Danny

if you have issues, we can always extend your trial.

… sounds great :evilplan:


ok, started my trial :slight_smile:

all is fine, as @danny said, on Roon side: just wait a few seconds and you can safely switch to A+
going from A+ back to Roon, instead, requires you empty the “Play Queue” first or A+ will retain hold of the sound output
can live with this (but I’ll ask Damien to do the same Roon already does)

You can also ctrl-t/cmd-t out long press on pause to release immediately

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a couple of questions (I’m sure these have already been answered many times but… I’m feeling lazy right now :stuck_out_tongue: ):

  • is there a way to tell Roon to always prefer embedded cover art (if/when present)?
  • what does the small checkmark, on lower left corner of some albums, mean?

thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: conquered my lazyness but couldn’t find the answer to any of the above :frowning:
(which doesn’t imply they’re not there :stuck_out_tongue: )

select -> edit -> metadata prefs

album “pick” for this artist… its an editorial judgement, kind of like a review

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yup, just… I have to do that for each and every album =:-/
a global setting would be a godsend :wink:

(most of my albums are my own CD rips, with accurately scanned cover art and… older editions than those Roon is picking up :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nope. Right-click on your first album, then shift-right-click on your last (you know, just like Windows). Then click on your Edit button and set your metadata preferences for all the albums currently in your selection.

This does have the disadvantage that as you add new albums, you’re going to have to revisit these steps, but hey, you aren’t setting each album one by one…

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thanks Geoff: could even figure out how to do it from an iPad :stuck_out_tongue:


though… please, Roon Labs, consider adding a global setting for this :wink: