Roon Bridge and digital crossover for multi-channel audio

I am interested in using Roon with software crossover to a multi-channel soundcard (a USB to I2S board).

I understand it is possible to have squeezelite run with ecasound, for example, to do just that. Is it possible to do it as well with RoonBridge (on a seperate PC than RoonServer) ?

I have been told that it would be better not to overlaod the “player” PC with extra processing, but I do not see how it could work on the “Server” side.

Any input/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I think our DSP offering will grow into something that can handle these cases on the server, but I’m not sure what it will look like exactly.

  • A crossover can be built from parametric EQ + a matrix mixer/channel router just as you would in JRiver or HQPlayer today. These features are already in our roadmap.
  • We would like to open up a mechanism for supporting DSP plugins (there are separate lines of thinking for developing our own interface, and also for integrating with things like VST/AU).
  • There might also be an avenue for inserting the processing using ALSA and doing it on the player hardware–this would require some changes to how Roon Bridge enumerates devices, but it is in principle possible.

I cannot think of a good way to accomplish this use case with RAAT today–we haven’t opened up enough places for inserting processing steps yet. Not because we are hostile to the idea–RAAT is built to accommodate all of this stuff. It’s just work that we haven’t done yet.

Thanks for your comments.