Roon Bridge and HQ Player

I have looked at the HQPlayer threads in the audio device section and I think I know the answer but looking for a quick note from the Roon support staff to confirm or set me straight. In my set up Roon Core is on a MacBook Pro networked to my music server which is a Mac Mini with Roon Bridge installed. Works great but I was hoping to try HQP to see if there was any difference/improvemwent in SQ. I gather this is not possible. Am I right or wrong?


I think the simplest set up using both computers would be to install HQplayer on your MBP and install the HQPlayer Network Audio Adapter (NAA) on the Mac mini.

Roon will continue to be the library manager and interface for your music, it then sends its output to HQPlayer on your MBP.
NAA on the Mac mini will replace Roon Bridges function.

Are you using an external DAC on the Mac mini?

Jeremy, Thank you for your prompt reply. re: DAC, yes I have a Schiit multibit bifrost I have installed HQP on the core machine and it shows up as a zone. I also installed HQP on the mini and checked NNA option but no joy. I admit that(as many have said) HQP is not the most user friendly software and I attribute my lack of success to a lack of knowledge on my part. Any detailed instructions on how to make this work would be greatly appreciated>

Thanks again

Hi Phil,

You don’t need to install the full HQP program on the Mac Mini. Just install the OSX version of the NAA software on the Mini.

After installing the NAA software on the Mini, you should see its IP address in the Network Naming tool in HQP on the MBP. Give it a name, select NAA for output and the Mini as the device and you should be good to go.

OK… Downloaded oxs NAA from the link you provided …opened in terminal…where and how do I “install” it?
Sorry to be computer klutz

It’s in a zip archive format. I’m not familiar with unzipping in OSX, but a quick google query should tell you what’s needed to unzip.

Edit: Double clicking the zip archive creates a sub-folder of unzipped contents in the same folder as the zip archive.

Jeremy and andybob,
Thanks for your replies but… andy, before i read your reply I clicked on the downloaded file… as stated it oped in terminal…I went to MBP where HQP resides under NAA choice in preferences my doc showed up. At the same time I saw the nap file from HQP on the mini expand. Thought maybe I stumbled upon the right combo. Tried to plat a track on Roon with HQP chosen as zone .Nuttin. went back to MBP opened HQP a blue “progress bar?”,or lack thereof is in HQP window…This appears to have frozen HQP as no options from menu bar are available…can’t even quit to restart program. Thanks for the help but I’m still stumped…TYhought???

Hi Phil,
Is your DAC on wirh USB input selected ?
Try turning everything off and then on again in this order: DAC, Mini, MBP.

Andy bob,

Yes DAC always on as is mini. Will do as you suggest …but that doesn’t answer why HQP froze and how to “install” naa software on mini. Looked at web for “unzipping info” but none mentioned situations where simply opening or clicking on the download opens a script in terminal…ain’t never seen that before. By the way, I know mini still recognizes DAC 'cause if I switch back to its zone in roon all is well, just no HQP which is frozen in time.

Phil (still hoping for an answer he can grasp)

OK… An update before anyone wastes time responding to my last plea.
In the time it took me to type that. I found HQP had quit itself. Reopened and discovered that DAC was still selected as naa device… went upstairs to iPad, hit play on Roon and it worked! (sort of…) sound stutters in an almost predictable cycle of 5-7 seconds then resumes.
Now likely not a Roon issue but an HQP one. Again, any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!
Phil (stuttering to a conclusion)

Hi Phil,

Stuttering can be indicative of a high workload in HQP. What settings are you using ?

Have a read of this HQ Player Kick Start Guide which will introduce you to some of the settings in HQP.

What spec is your MacBook Pro ? What is the CPU load under the settings when you get stuttering ?

If you are upsampling to DSD I would recommend starting with DSD 64 using the -2s filters in HQP and seeing if that cures the stuttering. If so then it is a workload problem and you can gradually increasing the upsampling and filters until you find where the hardware is failing.

You might also try toggling Pipeline SDM on and off to see which results in lower CPU usage. This controls parallelism. It is best off for lower speed 2 core processors and on for higher speed 4 core processors.

Thanks for ruing you holiday to help me!!
HQP player setting are poly-sync (Simplest version) Dither NS1, PCM sample rate 192000 (highest DAC recognizes)
No DSD up sampling
MBP is 2.3 Ghz i7,8 gigs ram. Doesn’t seem like this could be tasking it all that much.
Not sure how to check CPU load to verify usage.
I will say the after I re-started all devices as you suggested the stuttering has gone from 5-7 sec. intervals to and in-preditible 15-25 secs.

I will say while hared to be sure amid the st-st-stuttering I think I like what I hear, But kinda makes it hard to judge till I work this out.
Greatest thing about Roon is that from the get-go it just plain WORKS!
Still hoping for the best.


Hi Phil,

No problems, it’s not a holiday in Australia, so I’m just checking the forum at work sporadically while working on other stuff.

With those specs and at those settings the MBP shouldn’t be having a problem at all. The lowest workload filters are the poly-sinc-2s versions, so start off with those.

The next thing I’d look at is your network between the MBP and the Mac-Mini. Can you tell us what kind of router, switch, cable etc. you are using ? Is jumbo frames enabled in the router ? That has caused issues for people in the past.


MBP and mini connected through wi-fi LAN. Not using internal Wi-Fi on mini but Airport express bridge with ethernet to mini. I’ve heard this is a better setup but I could try using the mini wi-fi to see it that helps, though I doubt it.
Hmmm… makes me wonder 'cause Roon plays without flaw between the 2 'puters.
By the way there is NO practical way to cable between the two…FWIW I also just went into the audio midi seeing on the mini to change output to 192000 I’ll see if that helps.

Hi Phil, I suspect the issue is the wi-fi LAN network connection. Can you try wired ethernet?
Last night I installed a trial version of HQPlayer on my 2012 Mac Mini (i5 dual core). Both Roon and HQPlayer are on the Mac Mini. Like you, HQPlayer is configured for poly-sinc 24/192.
It worked perfectly even though my Mini isn’t powerful. 2000 albums