Roon bridge and pulseaudio on linux

Hello everyone,
I am setting my raspberry pi as a Crossover for my Motu M4 and its been working great. But the DSP tool I use Pulse Crossover Rack works as the name says with pulseaudio and I can’t get roon bridge to recognize pulse audio. There is an ALSA device called pulse which should be addressable but it is not. Does anybody have experience in useing pulseaudio with roon?

Thank you very much

Pulseaudio is a sound server for Linux. It was not designed for high-quality audio. It shares the audio output to graphic applications (Desktop), my advice is: Stick to ALSA. Roon Bridge uses ALSA because it offers the highest audio quality available in Linux.

I recommend pavucontrol to control pulse audio sinks. It gives a gui to the sound controls. Not super complex but will give you an idea what is where.

I use pavucontrol but in the case of a roon bridge as far as I am aware it doesn’t change the fact that Roon won’t recognize the pulse ALSA device which would need to addressed in order to manage roon bridge in pavucontrol.

I think I am not understanding what you are attempting to do.
I’ll watch and learn.

I am sorry if I didn’t explain it correctly. Pulseaudio Crossover Rack creates a pulseaudio modul that contains the information about the Crossover or whatever DSP operation you want to run. However that modul only works within pulseaudio and while pulseaudio creates a ALSA sink that other software can address to then apear in pavucontrol I cannot get roon bridge to do that. So basically I what I want is roon bridge to apear in pavucontrol so I can assign the DSP modul to it. I might just be missing some detail :see_no_evil: or roon just decidedly doesn’t work with pulseaudio.

After the pulseaudio modul is created, what form does it exist in? is it a stream? a virtual device? You mention that it creates an alsa sink. Does that sink appear in roon? settings → audio on that endpoint?
I do not know of any way to get roon to appear in pav as I believe it isn’t a hardware device or a software virtual device.

Honestly, I’m going to watch and learn.