Roon Bridge Audio Input

I have Roon setup and working great for streaming to my RPi/HiFiBerry DAC+DSP. And am loving it.

One thing I would like to do and cannot find any answers on so, please direct me to another post if this has been covered.

What I have is a Turntable preamp with USB output connected to the RPi for ripping on occasion when I need to.

The USB interface shows up in Roon as an Audio device and I am wondering if I can use the USB INPUT on the RPi as a source to send to other zones? Are the Bridges output only?

This isn’t a make or break deal but just thought since the interface was recognized could I use it to play the turntable through the house. I know there are lots of “why would you want this” kind of questions and Im not really sure I would ever use it…but if it does work, I would like to set it up.


Nope you cannot do that. Roon has no input structure in this regard. Its a feature thats been requested and there are a few threads knocking about. There is this that converts the phono into flac stream which you could assign as an internet radio URL. I think its been tried by the maker of the unit but its not really supported.


Thanks. Thats pretty much what I had come up with and its WAY too kludgy and way too much effort for the minimal use I would get out of it.

It is honestly a “show off” feature to me. But if it were a couple of clicks to make it happen, I would in a heartbeat.