Roon bridge control from PC

Ok, maybe a dumb question and easy to solve…

I have Roon server running on a dedicated machine. I have several outputs including a laptop in my office running Roon Bridge with a USB DAC.

All works fine, but I’d really prefer if I could have basic control function from the laptop… It’s pretty distracting to grab my phone every time I need to pause or skip a track.

I assume I can’t install Roon on the office laptop and have it run off of Roon server?

I would not want to have the laptop serve as my Core: 1 it sleeps/moves, 2 I find Roon less stable than server in my setup.

Unless your company’s IT policy prevents this … then yes you can.

Though note as Roon contains (GUI, Bridge, Core) there is no need to also be running a separate Roon Bridge installation. (Running both may cause issues.)

Install Roon, when you start it … tell it to connect to your Roon Core. Then it will run as a Roon Control / Audio Endpoint (but not as a Core) and has the ability to control any of the zones that your existing Core can stream to.

Great… it was a dumb question… works great thanks…

the next thing I need to set up is harmony remote integration for play/pause skip… i know this is possible, but don’t think native…

Not at all … you didn’t know the answer and asked for help … that’s gets a big :+1:

Enjoy …

Search the forum for “harmony remote” there’s quite a lot of discussion on this topic.
Do check the date of the topics, start with the more recent ones.