Roon Bridge developer identity problems [fixed]

After downloading and installing ROON Bridge on my 2013 IMac computer, I receive an error message Roon Bridge cannot be opened becaudese the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed

Just a guess but do you have internet connectivity from the MAC?

Yes I have internet connectivity

Hi Tom,

I assume the file is in your download folder in your dock. Drag the file to the desktop and then right click on it, then select Open. It should give you a warning, but still allow you to open it.

See if that works.

Cheers, Greg

Oops, sorry. I see that you got it installed.

Still try and right clicking on the program and select open and see if that works.

Cheers, Greg

Looking into this… this wasnt a problem before, and it is now, with the same files. Our developer/distribution certificate doesn’t expire until end of Feb, so unsure what is going on…

If you go into System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General which option do you have selected in the “Allow apps downloaded from” section at the bottom?

As Greg pointed out, right-clicking the app should allow you to force it to open.

we found the problem… we will issue new builds today with a fix. in meanwhile, you can rightclick or control-click and select open from the menu, that will give you an option to open the app anyway

…and 1.3 is out

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