Roon Bridge DSD 256

Usually run Roon with HQplayer to upsample to DSD 256 with all filters no issues.Today I tried just using Roon new upsampling feature.Only can get up to DSD 128.When I try DSD256 starts to play song for about 5 secs then starts to stutter then goes to next song ? Any ideas.

Sounds like you are having performance issues. HQPlayer may be better optimised? Don’t know.

Run Hqplayer DSD256 with regular poly since filters only uses 13 % CPU.

What is the CPU performance with Roon doing the upsampling to DSD256? Also, you should make sure you are not still doing audio analysis. The analysis phase on 1.3 can take quite awhile if you have a large library and will definately have an impact on performance.

CPU reads 11%.Its says file loading slowly.Plays fine for about 5 seconds and that’s it.If I try from Tidal it’s says network or connectivity problem.

Currently Roon is only using 1 core per zone for upsampling. With PipelineSDM enabled HQP uses multiple cores in parallel. Roon will do something similar in future.

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Yes need pipeline sdm and cuda offload.