Roon Bridge: minimum CPU and RAM speeds

The ODROID C2 enables many of its features to be turned on/off and set to run at lower / higher speed, including:

  • turn off video subsystem
  • turn off CPU cores
  • set CPU speed
  • set ram speed

CPU speed options:
1.656 GHz
1.536 GHz
1.296 GHz
1 GHz
500 MHz
250 MHz
100 MHz

DDR Clock CL - tRCD - tRP
1104 MHz 14-14-14
912 MHz 13-13-13
792 MHz 11-11-11
408 MHz 7-7-7

On the premise that the less electrical activity involved in hosting Roon Bridge, the less potential there is for interference I’m curious as to what Roon Bridge’s minimum requirements are iro CPU and RAM speed?

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The minimal CPU speed for Roon Bridge on NanoPi Neo 2 is 480 MHz. Although the Roon Bridge can operate even at 120 MHz, the Roon Ridge is not detected by Roon Control after reboot at speeds less than 480 MHz.