Roon Bridge misidentify Max Sample Rate (DSD)

I’ve currently installed Roon Bridge on a Armbian OS running on AMLogic CPU (S912).

Currently it’s being set as Up to DSD128 while the fact is I’m able to play DSD256 via Volumio.

@support advise how I can get DSD256 to be supported? Is there any configuration I can change?

I’ve tried playing directly on the Mojave via USB, Roon identify it as Max DSD128 while Colibri is able to play DSD256 directly without any issues. Pls refer to attach screenshot.

Your screenshot shows the input file as DSD256 but right next to that, it seems to be showing that 88.2 PCM is what is actually being played.

Hello @Tong_Kiat_Chiah,

When you go to the device setup screen for the zone, does the “DSD Playback Strategy” setting show? Does it provide the option for “Native” DSD playback?



There is no option for Native. Below is the screenshots taken

Hello @Tong_Kiat_Chiah,

Could you provide some more information on the DAC you are using? I see that it is using the Khadas tone control board, are you using the GIPO connection or USB?

In regards to Colibri, it appears that the application may be resampling the audio to PCM before being sent to the DAC. I may be wrong about this, I have not used the application before. I’ve included a link to their documentation on how to check if DSD playback is set up correctly.