Roon Bridge missing on Kangaroo mini-PC after update

My Roon Bridge running on a Kangaroo mini-PC has not been seen by my Roon Core since I upgraded to 1.5. :frowning: I upgraded Core, client on the same machine, remote on my phone, and Brige on the Kangaroo, to 1.5.

Something told me to leave well enough alone at 1.4. Is everyone’s bridge working after the upgrade?

Wait, the ‘About’ in my Phone Remote says my Core sees my Bridge. It is the Dragonfly Red plugged into it that is not being picked up as an Output.

P.s. I also see from this tho I downloaded and reinstalled the Bridge software, that was pointless. As that still version 1.0.

Roon Bridge current release is at 1.0, that’s not the problem here.

Have you rebooted? Dragonfly works plugged in somewhere else?

@support will be able to help you with this, thanks for your patience @Steve_Mato!

Ok, please disregard. Not related to “version 1.5”. I had two RoonBridge processes running. And no RAATServer process running.

All this should be automatic. I really hate that Roon doesn’t install these things – the core, bridges – as an NT Service when on Windows. None of that would be possible if they were services.

The issue I discover is that the Bridge does not start reliably each and every time the computer is started.

I start it like I do my Core. As a Scheduled Task on computer’s boot, without a login required (my credentials are saved). Tho I really wish they were Windows Services, this ‘trick’ works well enough on my NUC computer running my Core headless, and is quite reliable. The Bridge on the other hand, setup the same way, and headless, is completely unreliable. It may however be the fault of the Kangaroo computer. However, if it was installed as a Windiws service, I’m sure it would be reliable.