Roon bridge on AppleTV 1st gen

I have five of these laying around and decided to try roon bridge on them. Ran into a problem, however.
-Loaded Volumio onto the internal hard drive.
-Loaded roon bridge (x86 32bit) onto it.
-Found it in the audio section of my roon core.
-Clicked to enable one of the ALSA outputs and that is where the problem started.

The endpoint keeps popping up in the core every 9 seconds saying it is trying to enable, but doesn’t seem able to.

Any ideas of what I might have missed?

Thanks for any tips.

@support, Let me know if there is anything else I should look at to get things going properly. Volumio does appear in airplay and enables fine. The roon bridge portions continue to vanish from the audio list and reappear for a split second stating “enabling”.

Hey @Papi_Chulo - we don’t currently ship a version of Roon Bridge for Apple TV, so I’m guessing you’re trying to install the Linux version on your Apple TV?

This is not something we’ve tested or support, so this isn’t really a question for the support team. If you’re able to pull some logs, you can ping me and I can see if there’s any feedback we can give you, but I’m going to move this over to #tinkering, since this isn’t something we’ve tested at all or have plans to support at the moment.


Well, I got it installed. Just need to know what further tinkering I need to do to the linux to help the roon core lock on to the roon bridge. The core sees it but can’t enable.
If you could take a look at the logs from the core to see if it gives a clue, I would appreciate it.


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