Roon Bridge on iMac not returning from Sleep

I have my wife’s iMac which is running Catalina configured to run Roon Bridge 1.7 which then sends data via USB to a DAC. When her computer goes to sleep Bridge does not come back online. I then need to manually restart it . It is already set to run on startup.

Is this expected behavior or can this be fixed?


Hi @mourip,

When the iMac restarts, do you still see Roon Bridge running in the system tray? If you left-click or right-click on it, do you see any status listed for Roon Bridge?

When the iMac is pulled out of sleep the icon is still in the icon bar at the top of the Mac OS screen. It says " RoonBridge Status: running" however the font is a light grey. I do have it set to run at startup. On other Control devices the bridge has disappeared.

I then need to quit Bridge and restart it for it to become available again.


Hi @mourip,

Can you please reproduce this behavior, note the exact local time + date when the iMac is pulled out of sleep and then send me a copy of your RoonBridge logs by using these instructions?

Note: The above instructions are for the general Roon app, but you should be able to find a RoonBridge folder in the database location which contain Roon Bridge logs.

The best way to get these logs over would be via Dropbox / Google Drive but if you don’t have either, just let me know and I can provide alternate upload instructions.

Thanks Noris. I will try this today.

Is there a way for me to send you the Dropbox link without posting it here?

I have the log files zipped and ready. Thanks!

Hi @mourip,

I will start a private message thread with you and you can post the Dropbox link there, thanks!

Hi @mourip,

Thanks for sending those logs over, I have forwarded them to the QA team who is looking into this behavior further and will attempt to reproduce your findings. I will let you know once I have more info to share, thanks!

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Hello @mourip,

We are unable to reproduce the behavior you are reporting with our in-house Mac hardware. We would like to know more about your networking setup as well as giving you a few diagnostic steps to help get to the bottom of this.

A) Is the iMac connected via Ethernet or WiFi? Are both interfaces enabled and connected to the network at the same time?

B) Do you have any AntiVirus or Firewall software enabled on the iMac? Be sure to check macOS’ built in firewall found in System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

C) If you disconnect the USB DAC from the iMac and then do the sleep cycle, is the behavior the same?

D) Try the following steps to help diagnose what is causing this behavior to occur:

  1. Disconnect the iMac from the network by unplugging the ethernet cable or disabling WiFi.
  2. Put the iMac in sleep mode. Wait two minutes.
  3. Wake the iMac from sleep mode.
  4. Re-connect the iMac to the network.
  5. Attempt to stream to the iMac via Roon.


Thanks a lot John. I will try to get to this over the weekend.

A. Just ethernet
B. Yes. Both have Roon allowed
C. Disconnecting the DAC immediately makes the endpoint unavailable on the iMac even before sleep is initiated.

I do not need to respond to D. because I have found out what the issue is.

When I first started using the iMac as an endpoint with Bridge installed I found that if it was on then regardless of which audio output was selected on the iMac it would show as available in Roon and worded fine…until it went to sleep. The good news was that I could leave it set to one of the other outputs, which was easier for my wife, and then I did not need to change anything if I wanted to stream to it. What I found out during testing today is that if I choose the external DAC which powers my speakers then it will come back as available from sleep.

If I leave it set to “Internal Speakers” or the headphone output of her Elgato external firewire device then if the iMac goes to sleep then Roon Bridge needs to be restarted in order to become available. Once that is done then she can choose the other outputs and I can stream at will …until the until goes to sleep again.

I am not sure if this is a MacOS issue or a Roon issue but this is what I discovered.

Thanks for your interest in my issue!

I decided to still try “D.” and received unexpected results with two scenarios.

With the external DAC (Schiit Modi Multibit) chosen as output the iMac bridge did show up as available again after the network cable was reconnected. Streaming did work.

With another output chosen (Internal speakers) as output the iMac bridge did show up as available again after the network cable was reconnected. Streaming did work.

Switching the iMac audio output between the various choices while Roon music is playing does not drop the stream.

Hello @mourip,

Thank you for the detailed report and effort. I’m going to pass this to the QA team for further investigation.


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