Roon bridge on linux updater

Hi Roon team,

I have just updated the roon bridge on my raspberry Pi up to build 24. This happened automatically from the roon client (Unexpected, but awesome) but it looks like the update script has it’s final step as a shutdown rather than a reboot. So i had to pull the chord on the pi. No great shakes but would better if it rebooted back to an active state.

Mine rebooted.

odd. My Pi just went off.

Pretty sure mine did too. I didn’t notice a reboot (it was pretty quick if it did) but I didn’t need to pull power anyway.

Mine went dead, no sign of it on Roon and no ability to ssh etc. Gave it 10 minutes so looked under the hood. No activity so pulled the plug. Maybe just one of those things?

I don’t know whether mine rebooted or not, but after the update, it didn’t appear as an audio endpoint in Roon. I pulled the power plug, and then reapplied, and it booted up and was found by Roon.

This is a RPi2 with HiFiBerry Digi+.

Mine is exactly the same configuration.

My BeagleBone Black just quickly rebooted (or restarted the process). The device went away from roon for some seconds and then was back.

I have three raspberry pi 3 running, one wihout HAT, another one with Hifiberry Amp+, the third with hifiberry Digi+. All three running Raspbian Jesse light.
The first one without HAT has no issues with the automatic update. Pretty fine.
The two other ones with HAT time by time show problems in conjunction with the update:

  • After update (manually initialised via the core PC) no bridge available, no ssh possible (ssh file missing). The one with the Digi+ at least shows blinking LEDs at RJ45 network connector, the LEDs at the other one with the Amp+ are not active at all.
  • hard Reboot by unplugging does not work
    To get them alive gain I have to do he whole installation process starting with repartitioning the SD card on my window PC.
    This deoes not occure with every update, but if it happens then it is rediculous.
    Network connections (if relevant at all):
  • The first one without HAT is connected via sattelite TV line (like power line) to the core. Works pretty fine and reliable. (first trial with WIFI was not sufficient)
  • The second one with Amp+ is connected via LAN to the router, from there via sattelite TV line to the core PC
  • The third one has a power line link to the core (sometimes slow and noisy signal, but it is in the only room without LAN7sattelite TV line connection and absolutely poor WIFI quality)