Roon bridge on RPi

Hi I am about to set up my RPi with the Allo signature player.

My plan is to install DietPi and the Roon Bridge. I want to ask for tips and tricks because the process seems simple enough but as we all know the devil lies in the details (:slight_smile:

Are the better options for a roon bridge on a RPi?

Not sure if other options are better but am happy with my own DietPi setup. This guide is pretty good

Thanks I dont understand why you need chromium on the RPi?

I’d suppose it’s for an attached display. If you don’t plan to use a display attached to the allo you may not need it.

What I actually wanted to mention:

If you’re just planning to use the allo for Roon you could also use Ropieee.

I’ve three Pi based streamers (well, two streamers and an allo piano dac), one’s running on DietPi, one on volumio and one on Ropieee. :slight_smile: All three just run without issues.

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I could have been more explicit. You can ignore the web controller client and the extension manager parts. Just follow the DietPi and Roon Bridge sections and all should be good…

I would look at Ropieee first…its a hands off build from command lines and Ssh and uses a web based GUI.


One of my RoonBridge endpoints is built upon a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Allo DigiOne. The device runs RoPieee. I have not had a single problem so far. It is solid rock.

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I will start with RoPieee, thanks all for the great advices

You might just find that’s as far as you need to venture.

Hi I am on a mac. What filesystem do I use to format my 16gb sd card?

Usually, you’d download a so called image and write it to your SD card with etcher
You don’t have to take care of the filesystem when using this process.