Roon Bridge on Ubuntu

Hi. Roon’s download webpage suggests letting someone at Roon know how things go installing Roon Bridge on Linux versions if not listed. I can say that, after 2 days of playing music from my core on my iMac via wifi to my (very underpowered!) laptop upstairs in my bedroom running Ubuntu 19.04 it is performing flawlessly. That is playing both local files connected via HDD to my iMac and Qobuz CD quality and Hi Res files streamed via wifi to my iMac. I have a Cambridge Audio DACmagic 100 connected via USB to my laptop in case you need to know.

Very impressed how smoothly this is all working. Thanks!

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Good to know as I am about ready to install Roon Bridge on a NUC running Ubuntu 18.04. I’m not a Linux “person” so it might take some muddling through to get this done, hopefully the KB instructions are clear enough.