Roon bridge query

if im using an imac roon core and a windows laptop as roon bridge connected to my dac does windows 10 on the laptop continue to operate as if it were a standalone windows machine in the way windows interacts with the dac and windows drivers etc. so does mac os on the core have no effect upon the windows os on the windows laptop roon bridge?

secondly if im using low intensity useage on the core like surfing/word etc is it ok to run roon core at the same time with no negative effect?

@support thanks mohab

The end points behaviour is dictated by its operating system. See the cores behaviour as transparent regardless of its OS but the end point is not. It will have the full capability of the Windows drivers. Low intensity usage of the core will be ok. It should be fine to do other things.

many thanks. that confirmed what i was thinking.

so the laptop bridge does not to be as fully spec’d as a core or am i wrong here? for bridge maybe an i5, 8gb ram and 128gb ssd? 128 because only roon will be the main thing used on it?

Roon Bridge uses very little resource. You can run it quite satisfactorily on a low powered x86 device like a Celeron or Atom based chipset. I have the full Roon program on an Atom based mini PC that I use as an end point and control and it is very good. You only need i3/i5/i7 power for the core.

hi henry,

does the bridge need a ssd or 8gb ram? also when i install the bridge is the UI identical to the remote? is there a way to shut down the bridge roon screen?

Bridge is headless, it has no screen so you configure from your control device. If you want control at the endpoint you install full Roon and select the option not to run it was core.

many thanks for the valuable advice.

bridge is very low needs…it can even run on a raspberry pi - and does so extremely well. if you dont want to tie up a laptop just for roon then look at on a raspberry pi. might depend of what DAC support is like but unless you expecting to use DSD128 and above you should be fine.

you might even consider ROCK in the future for a hands off OS setup.