Roon bridge question

Hi very simple query for a newcomer to this tech: I have roon core on my late 2013 imac working flawlessly. 512 gb sdd, nvidia graphics, quad core i5. with ethernet. I bought a new windows hp laptop at a very good price 256ssd, i3 , 8gb ram and have installed roon bridge to use with a future dac upgrade. Am i okay once up and running to keep the bridge laptop connected via wifi. I have a very strong signal 150mps and when tested with a chord mojo no issues. I want to keep the laptop purely battery operated so i would prefer wifi. Am i ok to do this? Thanks Mohab (I hope this is in the right section)

One last thing can you give me an example where a core is connected to an output by ethernet. Does this apply if the core is a computer. I’m on a steep learning curve here. With my imac core i can’t think of an instance where i would do this. Or this must mean the output has an ethernet connection into it not ethernet from a core. Like a microrendu for eg? This came to mind, if a core computer is connected to a dac by optical are the core’s heavy graphics processing etc with roon shielded here from the dac?

I’d say yes on the wifi question for sure. I find my Bridge needs a solid 2 - 3 Mbps. And a good multi radio G or N wifi signal in home is more than up to the task.

I’ll add that I use a repeater in my home as it’s fairly wide and my wifi router needs to be at one end of it so I use a repeater to boost the signal to the other end of the house. I connect my portable/mobile bridge to the repeater wirelessly and I do not have dropouts anywhere I walk.

Thanks for the confirmation it helps to know my plans are being confirmed as ok. Cheers mk.