Roon Bridge recommended hardware specification


2 queries :: what min./recommended specs are needed on a windows laptop for running roon bridge? is ssd needed for eg? i’m on a tight budget here. any detail would be great.

finally and unrelated can i run roon remote on an android phone motorola g5?

many thanks to all

For bridge just about anything will work - anything this side of 2010 no ssd needed. Usb-2 maybe better for modern DACs. Slow WiFi might struggle at better than cd quality

Sorry can’t comment of the Android q.

HI very quick reply thanks. so intel processors, ssd not needed? any processor and traditional hard drive as long as this side of 2010? could you kindly give me an example of the specs including memory etc.

Many people, including myself, use a raspberry pi as a Roon Bridge endpoint, to give you an idea of how slim the requirements for a bridge are. As long as you’ve got a stable internet connection, I wouldn’t worry much about RAM, processor, or disk speed. As far as the remote goes, it doesn’t seem all that resource heavy. It runs fine on my Galaxy Tab A.

many thanks

Looks like G5 runs Android 7.0. You’ll be fine.

Specs for bridge are very minimum. It’s the core that has stringent high spec requirement. You can run bridge on almost any computer,tablet or phone.