Roon Bridge reports error in non root mode

Roon core is running an ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I have a core machine and 2 bridges running in SBCs. I use the provided scripts to the installation and everythingǘe been working fine since I started using Roon.

Now I want to move everything to run without root and I started with 1 of the SBC which is a banana pi running bananian OS. After some problems, I have the bridge running, however I do get this folloing error that I cannot explain (It does not affect the usage, the bridge seems to work fine):

00:00:00.038 Warn: get lock file path: /tmp/.rnbgem500-
00:00:01.167 Trace: [childprocess] using unix child process
00:00:01.357 Debug: PathForResource, filename: …/.update
00:00:01.402 Debug: PathForResource, candidate: /home/roon/RoonBridge/Bridge/…/.update
00:00:01.425 Debug: PathForResource, filename: RAATServer
00:00:01.426 Debug: PathForResource, candidate: /home/roon/RoonBridge/Bridge/RAATServer
00:00:01.428 Debug: PathForResource, filename: RoonBridgeHelper
00:00:01.429 Debug: PathForResource, candidate: /home/roon/RoonBridge/Bridge/RoonBridgeHelper
00:00:01.558 Info: Starting /home/roon/RoonBridge/Bridge/RoonBridgeHelper
00:00:01.631 Info: ConnectOrStartAndWaitForExit RAATServer, path: /home/roon/RoonBridge/Bridge/RAATServer
Not Running (.o)
00:00:00.093 Warn: get lock file path: /tmp/.rnbhgem500-
00:00:11.379 Warn: exception starting raatserver: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): Connection refused
at System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient…ctor (System.String hostname, System.Int32 port) [0x0006d] in :0
at Sooloos.RAATServer.ConnectOrStartAndWaitForExit (System.String path, System.String args, System.Action`1[T] status, Base.ChildProcess& p) [0x00165] in :0
Not Running (.o)
00:00:11.510 Debug: PathForResource, filename: …/.update
00:00:11.511 Debug: PathForResource, candidate: /home/roon/RoonBridge/Bridge/…/.update
00:00:13.513 Info: ConnectOrStartAndWaitForExit RAATServer, path: /home/roon/RoonBridge/Bridge/RAATServer

do you have any idea what causes the eror message and how to solve it?
thansk a lot

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