Roon Bridge, Still Confused!

Hi, Have had my Nucleus up and running a few days now and have the remote on a macBook and a Windows machine also have two airplay endpoints. So what scenario would I actually use the Bridge software for?. Installed it onto my MacBook and when in the taskbar just says " Roonbridge Status: Running " so whats happening. Probably a stupid question and may be obvious to some so it may be an age thing. :joy:

Roon bridge exposes the device it is installed on, as an endpoint. Meaning you can stream to that device. It does not include the GUI by which you can control the Roon core remotely (ie. browse tracks, play/stop music).

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Thanks for the explanation Nepherte. It is now clear to me what Roon Bridge does.:blush:

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Hi Terry,

At the risk of telling you something you know, this KB page sets out in more detail what the pretty marketing materials say.

For completeness it is worth noting that this gives you the flexibility to install the bridge software on an old laptop that doesn’t have the Open GL compatibility necessary to run the Remote GUI, and turn it into an audio endpoint.