Roon Bridge stopped working?

Hi Guys,

I have been using roon successfully for a while now. I haven’t logged in for a little while so I am not sure what caused my problem which I will get to once I explain my previously successful setup.

I run Roon Core in a media PC at the living room. This is connected to a devialet and other components. This part still runs successfully to date. I also run roon as a remote on a desktop PC that is also running roonbridge. Previously I would connect to the core (media PC) from my desktop and I would also see the DAC (Mytek Brooklyn) that is connected to the desktop PC (I suppose that part thanks to roonbridge) and was previously setup as a private zone. This setup worked well for me for a long while. During times where an update was released I was prompted in either locations if I want to update all roon clients at all locations, and that worked well.

The Problem:
Recently, and after a long period of not logging in, when I loaded roon from my desktop (monitor) I couldn’t connect to the core because as it was mentioned they were running different versions (1.3 at the media p as the core, and 1.2 at the desktop as the monitor) I was given the option to update the later via clicking on a link but nothing was happening, so I downloaded a new version of roon and installed it as monitor at my desktop again . I also downloaded roonbridge and installed that again as well just in case.

After that I could connect to the core as before but this time my local DAC was invisible to roon as an option. I assure you my DAC works fine and is visible to the rest of the apps (tidal, web videos, games etc.) as usual, but it is invisible to the new installation of roon.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance

Hi guys, It seems that I fixed my own problem. Disabling roonbridge somehow fixed it. Was I not supposed to use roonbridge in the first place? Used to work though with roonbridge loaded.

Anyhow problem solved

Roon basically has RoonBridge as part of itself. If you load RoonBridge as well then you can cause conflicts. RoonBridge is to be used for devices where you will not install Roon but just want to use them as an endpoint.

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