Roon Bridge stuck at 1.7, can't send audio to it

Debian 10.7

I just upgraded to 1.8 on my core and remotes and all is good except for one of my roon bridges which is stuck at 1.7. I’m unable to send any audio to the DAC connected to this bridge. Core and bridge are both running Debian 10.7.

I did uninstall bridge and uninstall after update my core to 1.8. Nothing happened. Can you uninstall and install again.

Hi @Greg_Doering ,

There is no RoonBridge update at this time.

Is playback working okay to other zones?

When you try to play to the RoonBridge what happens? Do you get any errors?

Thanks. It seems to be working now after re-adding the DAC. It was fast skipping through the album but nothing would play.

Hello @Greg_Doering, glad things are working now. Please let us know if the issue returns.

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