Roon Bridge unable to find DAC on DietPi

Hi, I’ve just started running Roon on a Windows 10 machine and was attempting to add an RPi3 with DietPi as a Roon Bridge. I have an Eastern Electric Minimax Plus USB DAC that does not show up in Roon. The RPi3 shows up as ALSA and ALSA HDMI, but no Minimax Plus or any USB DAC. I didn’t see anything on this forum about this DAC though the newer Minimax Supreme is mentioned and apparently works. I’ve reached out to Morningstar Audio, the importer for their input as well. I’ve tried turning the DAC off and on, unplugging/replugging the USB cable, rebooting RPi, several cables. No luck so far. It does work fine in Windows.


@Dan_Knight perhaps dan can shed some light. I’m a bit rusty on DPi but you could also try flashing in as an alternative to try

Moved this over to the dietpi area for now

Might be incompatible with Linux. Try seeing if the kernel is picking up the USB device:

dmesg | grep usb