Roon Bridge update error in Core

I am successfully running x86 Linux Roon Bridge. Core reports a very early build. When I try to update within Core it fails with a non specified error.

Is it possible to update from command line over SSH?

The current RoonBridge build is 813. It’s build number is different from Roon Server and/or client Build Numbers. That being said, you could just download the latest RoonBridge linux version and re-install.

I’ve got to be living in the future, since it’s build 814 here…


The X86 version is no longer listed on the website.
Is it still supported?

I am stuck at version 169 on several machines.

Looking at log files it is not clear to me why update from Core is failing.

Maybe look here

To clarify this is the 32 bit version.

The original sh doc names 32 bit as X86
and X64 for 64 bit.

Any reason why you can’t run the x64 version?

The hardware is 32 bit.
Some are running Ubuntu and others Fedora.


But they have superior USB output cards.

:scream: :scream:

I will have to look to see why I’m not updating!

I don’t know, that might be a question for Roon Support. I am just a fellow user like yourself.