Roon Bridge update gone bad?

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While listening to a Qobuz playlist about an hour ago I lost connections to both of my Roon bridges, one running RoPieee and one running the Libre Le Potato image. Since my server is no longer able to see these two endpoints, I’m guessing there must have been a bridge update. The server sees other devices such as Sonos and Android speakers. I turned off my Windows firewall and rebooted, but the Raspberry Pi and Le Potato devices still aren’t showing up under Audio on the server. Is anyone else having this issue? My server is running version 2.0 build 1357.

Just another user, not seeing any bridge update, as it’s still Version 1.8 build 1125 here.

Are they connected by WiFi?
Can’t you access Ropieee’s web admin page?
Can’t you see the bridges in your router web admin page?

Roon bridge hasn’t been updated in over a year so doubt it’s that. More like a local network issue.

Thank you. You’re correct, seems to be a powerline ethernet issue. Sorry for the false alarm////1

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