Roon Bridge with an i2c screen for track listings on DietPi device

Hi there everyone. I am using a pi3 and DietPi as a Roon Bridge. I have it connected using a AudioPhonics ES9038QM2 DAC and an iFi 5v PSU - it all works and sounds fine. This post is asking for some help with the i2c screen that you can connect to the device.

Currently it displays track bit-rate and I wanted to know if it can be tweaked to show track information as well? Obviously it can only display track information if Roon Core actually sends it to the Roon Bridge in the first instance - does it, or does it simply send a RAAT stream for the pure audio only…?

Screen info is here -

The supplier has been helpful in that they have images pre-built for other distributions of audio player, but not for Roon. I am not even sure if I can achieve this using Roon (I will be retaining Roon either way as the screen isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things).

Thanks for any information provided.

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