Roon Bridge wont load on windows 10

Hi im trying to get Roon to network with my Oppo 105 or my Integra 70.6 over the network as Jriver does.
Is this possable with roon Bridge?
If so when i go to load it it keeps saying an instance of roon bridge is running?
I tried to uninstall it and roon but the roon Bridge just keeps saying Instance running
Please Help before i commit to buying Roon
Regards Mark

Have a read of this KB page which describes the Roon architecture. It sounds like you might be trying to run Roon Bridge on a computer that is already running Roon.

Roon Bridge is designed to be run on a small computer or device that operates as a Network end point. It receives the signal over the network from the Core, usually by Ethernet, and then passes it via S/PDIF, USB or Optical outputs to a DAC.

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Right so it souldnt be nessecey then ? But there is nothing showing up in network devices . I guess it has to be a special Roon device to work over the Network. Hence why my Oppo Dv105 doent show up in networked players. Nor my integra 70.6 reciever. If this is the case just let me know
cheers Mark

This page contains a list of Roon Ready devices. If your hardware isn’t Roon Ready and you want to connect over the network, then you will need to insert a network endpoint that is Roon Ready (Eg: Sonore microRendu) or a computer/small computing device that runs Roon Bridge.

An inexpensive off the shelf option now available as a Roon network endpoint is a Chromecast Audio that will output a 24bit 96kHz digital signal via Toslink mini.

Roon Bridge is headless. You won’t see any sign of its running other than looking at the toolbar. As it is Windows make sure you are not being inhibited by the firewall.

Does Bridge communicate over SMB 1? If so, it’s been turned off by Microsoft, see:

Hope it helps.

Edit: sorry, misread the question. Roon Bridge runs on the endpoint, not the control. You would need to run Bridge on your Oppo for it to work, can’t do that obviously.

If JRiver shows your devices it’s because they are DLNA compatible, Roon simply isn’t and will never be

So if your device is not Roon Compatible you will need an intermediary, something like the Raspberry pl or Chromecast to make the”bridge” Roon bridge won’t help.

Have look at this forum for these devices

The alternative is Apple Airplay if your device does this , but you’ll sacrifice hi res as Airplay only does 44 16


Thanks for the help I have a chromecast will plug it into to the oppo see what happens :grin: