Roon, Bryston SP3 and Multi-channel Hi-Res - optimal setup?

Just bought lifetime subscription to Roon. What is the best way to set up Roon to play multi channel hi-res music to my Bryston surround processor (SP3)? I have my DVDA’s multichannel ripped to a USB drive at the moment, but open to moving the files wherever makes most sense. I had hoped I could use the Bryston’s USB port, but turns out it only supports 2-channel that way. Thanks!

I see that the SP3 has HDMI inputs. I think you should be able to use one of those to give you multichannel support. What’s your Roon Core running on, and is it physically close to the SP3 and does that have an HDMI connector? Alternatively, do you use an HTPC with your SP3 - either use that to run Roon Core on, or (if the Core runs elsewhere), install Roon or Roon Bridge on it.

Hi Eric, Are you able to access those files now? I have several multi-channel flac rips, but my equipment (Oppo UDP-203) limits me to DLNA outside of Roon.

The ROCK section of threads may be of interest. I think the RoonROCK users have multichannel over HDMI capability.

Yes, we do.

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