Roon Bug reporting?

Hi @support Is there a place to advise bugs in the system? I mean I am having flakey use issues for which I don’t need specific SUPPORT; ie there’re work rounds or they are annoying but not actual needing direct help with; but I’d like to report the issues all the same as a bug rathers than crank up the whole support thing :slight_smile:

For example, am experiencing issues adding albums from Tidal which do get added but there’s a whole level of bugginess to the process (including displaying of albums as not added when they are and even have tags assigned to them, and giving me the option to Go To Tidal Version when displaying the Tidal version itself) which you might be interested to have end user advice on?

That sort of thing.

ps… Maybe it would be good to publish a list of “Known Issues” also so we can cross check that first before winding everyone up?


If you can reliably reproduce the issue and set out a procedure to do so, then prefacing your post “Bug” and posting in Support is the best course. If others can reproduce it then a ticket will be opened in Roon’s internal bug reporting system and a fix will be developed. If the issue is intermittent, however, or you don’t know how to reproduce it, then it will need further investigation by Support. To a user, anything that isn’t working properly can be a bug, but for Roon’s internal purposes it’s a support issue until it can be reliably reproduced.


Thanks Andybob. I will investigate patterns and consistency in this first case (Tidal adding) and will try and document it.


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