Roon build 208 database update

Updating my core which is running on my i7 W2012R/AO mimimal core server. Have message “The new version of Roon you installed requires a database update. This may take longer than usual.”

How long? Did I need to come out of minimal core in AO to update? Is this rebuilding my entire data file (that took days!).

Need to know. Can’t listen to any music now. Thanks. JCR

Update – just came back up!!

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Took about 25 - 30 minutes for me (I’ve got a 100k Library)

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same issue for me 50,000 item library - 20mins and counting

came back after 25 mins approx

Too funny…

34 000 tracks and took less than one minute here.

145,000 tracks and took about 10-15 minutes.

Agreed, it was too funny. I standardized a couple of weeks ago on Roon with 8 RPi3 RoonBridges, so I freaked out when I got home from work planning to crank up the tunes, and of course, none of the bridges will function when the core is down for the count. Mine in the end was about 15 minutes for 200K of tracks. I do think that the feedback from others does suggest that at least a notice that it might take 15 - 30 minutes would be smart, with some timer to show progress. When it came back up, it worked throughout the entire setup like a charm. JCR

CPU and SSD performance make time very different for different setups

Same as U 42 000. Extremely fast on my SonicTransporter i5
Also Qnap with “slow” HW is pretty fast.