Roon (Build 30) crashing and on restart only part of the library is visible

I am getting an issue with random crashes of Roon on my Mac Mini. After some restarts of the app the library is reduced by 90% of the tracks before the crash. The rescan eventually finds all again but this is painful.

Hey @demondes – sorry for the trouble here. I’d like to get a look at your logs, so sending you a PM now.


Hey, I am having this issue too.

Roon had my Library correctly indexed etc. with new additions being added in real-time.
Then a couple of days ago, it was only recognizing a fraction of my library - despite start/stop and reboots.

I am running on Win7, with the Music Library on networked filestore using \<server_name><folder> reference.

Also I just leave Roon running on my laptop, despite taking it out of my network, and take it to work etc., where it obviously can’t find the networked filestore, or any of the index files, and has to display 0 tracks, 0 albums etc. I just place my laptop in standby, wake-up in a different networks some ‘Corporate networks’, some ‘Public access networks’ etc.
Perhaps this has lead to a corrupted database.

Is there a way of clearing the database and forcing a rescan?


Hey @simon_pepper,

We have a pretty good idea of what’s happening here, and we have a fix coming in our next release. For now, I’m going to send you a PM, and we can confirm the issue and get you fixed.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!