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This build seems to be working fine for me. Thanks for getting it out so quickly. Database error, non detection of audio devices resolved. Relieved to know my database was fine. Now I will explore some of the newer features.

Not to keep harping on this but I think this could have been handled a little better. I get the challenges with software updates but a little more communication and acceptance of what folks are saying might go a long way. Or maybe not. Covid is running rampant again and everyone’s nerves are more frazzled by each passing day. At the end of the day, it’s just software and hardware. Gonna pour a glass of wine and crank some tunes.


Hey team, just sending some love. I’ve been in war rooms before, and know it can be arduous. I trust your team will learn from this release. Software development is tough for bootstrapped companies. Keep at it, and keep the upbeat tunes flowing while you’re cranking. Good night, and good luck.


What happens with the ROON client apps now? Are they to be updated again to match build no.’s?

I can no longer login to Qobuz. I could before this minor update.

No. (10 char)

Rebooting fixed my issue. Whew.


882 seems to be working OK now. Up can running, can backup roon dbms w/o any issue. Muliip;e restarts without error. How I got there is to restore a system image of c: on my system made before the Roon update, patch in the files needing update and restart Roon. I tried to stop any updates but it update the running Roon to 882 without issue and updated my database. No way to know of other issues yet but it is running and playong my music. I have turned off Roon auto updates. I will be sure I do a system image before any Roon update. I was just lucky this time (I do system images daily and have 2 days backup)

I have read so many 880 and 882 threads with lots of gripes etc.

A fair number had their issues resolved by a simple Roon Core restart.

Maybe I’m missing something here but on ANY computer based update the very FIRST thing I do when faced with something I don’t expect after an update is reboot.

I know Roon don’t state to do that but really folks, Microsoft have patented the reboot method to fix all evils…lol.
So it’s not really a new thought process by any means IMHO.

Maybe Roon should add this as a final step?


Good morning Mr Hammerhead!,

You said a mouthful! I totally agree…especially when a simple reboot is so dang simple and easy instead of posting another bitch!

Tried all that earlier. Simpler to restore my system drive that try the mess of steps that Roon suggests. I never saw a post from anyone where Roon’s advice had worked. Problem is with Roon software, I wish a reboot would have fixed it.

Reboot should be the first step. Rebooting your router fixes lots of things also. I reboot mine about once a week just as a preventative measure.

Yes. It should be an automatic when one has an issue.



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Roon Team, in my experience the update was quick and painless. As a former tech support guy, I don’t envy you in dealing with some of the people and their attitudes on display here. Take care, good luck.


Please consider allowing us that are affected by the 1.8 880 update (database bug, no endpoints and Chromecast devices usable) to rollback to the previous working version until this mess has been fixed. Right now, I’m unable to use Roon I paid dearly for, and which has been working perfectly until 1.8 880 dropped. Alternatively, give the option to (partially) refund.


I would second the request for an option to roll back the server. Although I’m sure with the updated database format it would be a manual process that would require a restore of a previous database backup. As much of a pain as that would be it would at least allow me to play Christmas music for the party I am having this weekend.


With a bit of additional mucking around, and some quick clicks as audio devices appeared and disappeared in the Setttings>Audio window, I was able to disable most of my audio devices. Things appear to have stabilized with only seven devices activated. Not a long-term solution (I disabled most of my house) but at least I can play now.

The problem is not to rollback or upgrade.

Rollback doesnt fix issues.

Your database is forever corrupted, and it already was before upgrading.

During the upgrade a check is made, and it raised a data problem.

If you reload your database with the old version of Roon, the problem will be the same.

This is a truly disappointing response, completely ignoring the fact that starting with a clean install and not restoring a database backup still ends up with Roon in a non-working state. At least starting anew with the old version gives me a working Roon…


If you thought the possibility of a problem was there enough to have the update run a check, why on earth wasn’t a database repair fuction included to deal with that eventuality? The conclusion to be drawn from you NOT doing that suggests you didn’t care if people lost their libraries in this s***storm and that’s unforgiveable!
The “your database is forever corrupted, and it already was before upgrading.” story sounds like blatant avoidance of the issue designed to get Roon off the hook of a major screwup.
Well it won’t wash!


I think @ComasSky is a fellow user, you seem to assume otherwise?

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