Roon buld 795 just stopped playing back to any zone

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ROCK latest build latest Roon 795

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All devices.

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I was playing music all day, just listenig to Lord Hurons latest album when all of sudden playback stopped and cant be restarted. I can see all my zones but Roon wont play to a single one of them. It still thinks the zone I was listening to is still playing as getting thr musc playing icons.
Here it things 40mins in th queue shows no tracks

Zione icon shows its playying when its not

Will reboot but this is very disturbing thing to happen al other fhings are functioning just playback to everyzone has been lost.

Reboot seems to have brought it back from the dead @support I would greatly appreciate it if you could check the logs in link below to see if anything stands out as to why it did this. Never done this before.


Hey @CrystalGipsy,

I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this. Thanks for keeping us posted of the developments.

I’ve moved this thread to our technical team, so they can take a look at the logs as you’ve requested.

Please, make sure to let us know if the issue re-occurs :pray:

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I surely will, thanks for the quick response.

Hi @CrystalGipsy

Apologies for the late follow-up. Have you seen this occur again since there?

I’m seeing a lot of API error traces in the logs, but I think we need a bit more data to understand this better. If you do see it happen again please let me know and send another set of logs. Thanks!

Not had any repeats of this luckily at all but not used Roon a lot this week as been busy with other things.