Roon / CA Extension Assistance Needed

Hi Guys - On CA we have a thread called Album of the Evening. It has nearly 1 million views and over 12,000 posts. People let others know what they are listening to and post album covers etc…

I’d love to have a roon extension that would enable people to share the now playing info with this thread on CA, just like the current Roon Twitter feature works.

We’ve done this in the past with other apps, but we need help on this one.

Question: Can someone create such an extension? We are willing to compensate for your time and effort.


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Assuming the API supports it, I think your bigger hurdle will be getting many people to install it - extensions aren’t really setup for the average user at the moment.

We’ve done it in the past with JRiver scrobbling to CA. Many people did it.

Not doubting your numbers, I just meant that currently it’s not trivial for users to install a Roon extension, which kind of limits them to ‘power users’.

Hopefully that will change in the future though as I’m sure a lot of users would be interested in them if it were simpler - a bit more ‘App Store’ as opposed to GitHub and command line :slight_smile: .