Roon can no longer connect to DAC

Windows 7, Mytek stereo 192 DSD
All was working well yesterday but today Roon will not talk to my DAC. I can connect via Foobar and J River so it is not my DAC. When I try to play something I get the following message “Transport:Playback has failed due to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device” Help please.

While the roon developers work on stabilizing asio, just set your max sample rate to 192 should make it work again. If it then happens again set max sample rate to none. And repeat…

It happens to me when I power off my Devialet, while roon is still running.

Thanks for the response I’m afraid that didn’t work for me though.

In one of the recent releases Roon has fixed an issue in which when you turn on/off a dac while running Roon will no longer see it.
Since that fix I have seen one occasion of the error you mention (but not reproducable), which was fixed for me by restarting my Roon server. I assume you have already tried that?

Thanks for the response. Yes I tried that several times. It seems to be fixed now after uninstalling and reinstalling Roon - this isn’t a fix I’d want to be doing every week though. Obviously there is still someway to go with this software. Cheers

@gz00, I have a Stereo192 DSD here.

Perhaps there is some interaction with the other software? If JRiver or FooBar is trying to access the device at the same time as Roon and any of them is using Exclusive mode, it could cause issues.

If you can tell us how to provoke this bad behavior, it should be no trouble to fix the problem. The DAC has been quite stable for me.

I wish I knew what caused it to fail, one day it was working the next it wasn’t. I was not using Foobar or J River at the time of failure I used those programs to satisfy myself that my PC was communicating with the DAC after copious attempts to sort out Roon by changing settings, closing/reopening roon, and ditto the DAC. Another ASIO driver also stopped working: ASIO4ALL, which could be used to play my PC speakers, but I can live without that.
Fortunately everything still works today.