Roon can not install in MacBook pro


I am trying to install roon in MacBook pro retina 2016, but it appears it won’t install .
When i click the roon it says apps in from internet and when i click ok nothing happen.

I try to copy the instruction permission in terminal, firewall off , arial font is already there and nothing happen.

Any other suggestion what should i do ?


In the dialog box above, you’re clicking “Open”?

yes, and nothing happen.

First, drag and drop the Roon icon onto the Applications folder. Then Open Roon from inside the Applications folder. Roon will not run from the DMG, it must first be copied to the Applications folder.

already done that and nothing happen.

That image shows you’ve created an alias in your applications folder to the app that’s still on the disk image. That’s why the dialog box is asking if you want to run the app from the disk image. Drag the real app from the disk image into you applications folder.

Already done .still the same.

That’s an alias, not the real application - you can tell by the little arrow in the corner.

You need to drag the application in to the application folder, not the Room.dmg image.

First i click the dmg on the left , and then drag the icon in the middle to application, and the there is alias application on the folder application on the right.

And then when i click the icon on the application , it says is an app downloaded…
when i click open , nothing happen.

Then you must have some other key pressed whilst you’re dragging to create the alias instead of copying the application. Normally dragging the icon from the disk image into the application folder will copy it (you’ll see the finder give feedback about the copy). You’ll be able to see it’s happened when you have a Roon icon without an arrow in your application folder. You can’t run the application from the disk image - that’s what the dialog box is telling you.

I got it work by copy paste the icon on disk to application on finder .

thanks for all the help.

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