Roon can´t find my Auralic?

I have great difficulty in getting Roon and Auralic to work. I have shut down and started both devices and checked the Q-button (roon server 1.0.2). Auralic has its latest firmware (4.1). Roon audio settings and its airplay section shows my Hegel amplifier (H360) and Apple TV but not Auralic LE?

When opening the app from my MacBook Air, the roon tells that software update needed, still all versions are installed.

When trying to login to Tidal account from services section (not configured), it tells that bad user name or password. Both my Tidal account username as well as my password are correct?

Where do I start to get the system to work?



Hi @Jori_Kuttila ---- The Auralic Aries LE is certified as a Roon ready devices which means that it should be picked up by the application on launch.

Can you confirm for me that in the lightning DS App, Roon is set to “on”?


Not familiar with the AA gear but is your Core on the MBA - and if so is it on Wifi with the same IP address range as the AA LE?

Also has it ever worked before?

Hi, The Lightning DS App, Roon is set to on position. I actually don´t what I did, but the roon app on my iPhone started to work? When trying to use my Mac Book Air roon app, it asks choose your core this mac (continue) or propurkki (Q-Nap) (Linux 4.2.8. /, version 1.3) it tells that update is required Even though I have upgraded propurkki both from MacBook Air and from self propurkki. My question is that how can I get my MacBook to communicate with Roon app? Can you help me? Beginner:) Best, Jori

Hi @Jori_Kuttila ---- Thank you for the follow up and glad to hear the Auralic is now working as needed. I think we need to take a step back here for a second and define what each device is acting as in your Roon infrastructure. Please verify the following for me:

  • QNAP NAS - > Do you want this hosting your Roon core?

  • iPhone - > This is going to be a Roon remote. On this device can you please click the “hamburger menu” in the left hand corner of the screen (in app) and select “settings” then confirm what the device is connected to in the “general” tab. Here is an example of when my MacBook Air is acting as a remote:

You can see that it is connected to my MacBook Pro which is hosting my Roon core.

  • Mac Book Air - > Do you want this acting as a Roon remote, like your iPhone or do you want to have it host your Roon core?

I would recommend giving our knowledge base a look as all of the details in how Roon should b configured are highlighted there along with tips and tricks when troubleshooting any issues.


I have found with the Auralic Aries that sometimes whether you are on USB or Digital outputs can make a difference in whether you see the Aries , particularly if the dac or amp/dac is off or in standby .
I don’t know if this is your issue but go into the lightning app and see if the output is set . Switch to digital output if you are using USB and my guess is your Aries will show up .
Auralic is aware of this bug if this is why Roon can’t see your Aries .