Roon can’t play to Cary DMC 600SE

Hi there
I have the DMS 500 of Cary Audio which is play good with Roon.
I also have on my stereo system the Cary DMC 600SE wich connect to my
home network via USB to NUC which connect to my WD Music collection.
When trying to play my Roon Core collection to my DMC 600 it won’t recognize it… I want Roon to play to my DMC 600SE just as it does play to my DMS 500. They are both on same stereo system and same home network… the only different is that the DMS connected via Ethernet straight to my server while my DMC connected to a NUC computer that connect to my NAS Music collection which is also connected to the same home network… please help me try and play my Roon to my DMC and I will be happy and satisfied…

Hi @shlomo_reichani,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Are you able to play to the DMC over USB outside of Roon?

My DMC is playing via USB only from my Sofware installed in my NUC .
The only way I can connect to my DMC is via Bluetooth from Roon.
Roon simply can’t recognise it as one of my outputs players in the house.
How do I make my DMC seen as an output option? As I wrote the DMC
connected to my Music dedicate only NUC which connected to my home
network via Ethernet cable…As Roon promised it can play to all devices
at home,we’ll its not on my case…
One more issue is that when streaming from my Core center (IMAC) to my DMS 500 the output quality is always at the high DSD 256 and 1 bit .
It sure sound good obviously but there is no way to change it ,and also when playing MQA from Tidal it is not marked on my DMS 500 as an MQA file with the blue dot … I really need to fix this since my trial expire soon and I really love this Software in many other ways…Knowing that it is very expensive I do not want to regrate … Any HELP will be appreciated.

Hi @shlomo_reichani,

Do you have Roon or RoonBridge installed on the NUC device? In order for your Core to see a device connected to another machine on the network you will need to have that installed. Once installed you should be able to see devices connected via USB to that machine from the Core.

Can you share a screenshot of your signal path when playing to this device as well as a screenshot of Device Setup?

Hi again Dylan

Thank you for helping me and not giving up on me…I do appreciate it.

Because I have dedicated my DMC as a reference player on my Stereo system
I am avoiding installing softwares on my dedicated NUC that connect to the DMC.

How ever should this Bridge Roon Installed with no effect on my DMC playback

and it would have no effect on my NUC I will consider installing this Bridge by Roon.

Can you advice me which is better to install,the Bridge or just Roon on my NUC.

As for the other issue of the format shows on the DMS 500 … what ever I play from

Roon shows . The cover and the info just as in the Roon source on my IMAC core.

I was only wanted to reassure that the fact that all my content coming from Roon

Core is played on the DMS500 as 1 Bit DSD 256 Format is the ultimate quality I can

get from playing all my contents from Roon…When I use my App of the DMS while

playing from Roon, it won’t let me change any parameter on the App… Does this

because the DMS has a Roon Enable option in which I use on my App on settings.

Once again I am very happy with the way it sound, it’s just that I want to be sure

I am doing every thing right and that I truly hear as 1 Bit Perfect highest quality as

DSD 256… On my Roon it shows Green light and “HIGH QUALITY”…

Sorry it took s long but I wouldn’t bother you unless I really want to use Roon and

just want to use it as the best Roon software offer…



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So now I can see my DMC but when I try to play thru it, it runs fast all the album with no sound at all…It appears on my settings-Audio-and on the
Networked .

As you can see the DMC is there but I still can’t hear from it.
The latest version Bridge is installed. Why is it play all songs so fast and with no sound…Where could I go wrong here?
What is the best way to stream my Roon ready DMS500 or by air play?
Looking forward to hear from you real soon.


Hi @shlomo_reichani,

I’m glad to see that we’ve made some progress here! Currently it looks like you have System Output enabled. For best results you’ll want to use the Cary with ASIO or WASAPI drivers. Make sure you have the most up to date drivers for the DMC and then enable the device directly instead of using System Output.

Can you also describe your networking setup? What networking hardware is in use and how are the NUC and your Core connected?

Hi Dylan
to begin with my WASAPI is no longer appear ! when you say ASIO i have 3 options
JRiver PS Audio and TUSBauio…which one? i have tried the TUSB and it did not work!
My network is : the DMC is connected via USB to my NUC and my NUC is connected to my Router same as my home network … my all sources on my stereo system work on same network and are all cable wired… My DMC as i wrote connected to the NUC as dedicated player from my NAS but it all connected to the same network… The DMC unlike the DMS are connected first to my NUC via USB and my NUC connected to my Rauter … So far i could not connect my DMC !!

Hi Dylan
Good news !! i have manage to hear from my DMC 600 SE…I used the ASIO and it worked…Some how i can not see the WASAPI option any more how can i bring it back?
What will be the best audiophill sound the ASIO or the WASAPI?
Now i really appreciate if you can guide me on what setup i should use for this device.
i will attach the Device Setup and the DSP Engine …Please tell me what will the best setups on both. the DMC 600 SE is a very expensive device so i want to get the benefit of it together with Roon Setup options… Thanks for your help …

I also attach the signal path which is purple so you can see what i hear now…


Hey Dylan
Looking forward to hear from you on the above issues…Please help me on

Hi @shlomo_reichani,

I’m glad to hear that this is working for you now!

Regarding sound quality, the signal path showing as Lossless, so that’s definitely great! For more specific options available, like DSP Engine settings, this is a lot more objective and varies from person to person.

I would suggest taking a look around Community — There have been many discussions here about what people think is best and you’re sure to get some good advice. You can also create a new post in the Roon Software section of Community if you’d like to start a discussion.

Hi again Dylan
It seems like slowly I get things work out , I do want to ask one question . On my main core MAC I have
A huge library with connected both external hard disk and SD card with music on them.
On my main MAC core I see all my library but when I am using the remote to my core on my MAC
I see less albums and tracks as I see on my MAC with my core.
Is it possible that the reason for it is that I can’t reach my content on my core on my MAC that is coming
or added from my cards both external and SD card…
It seems weird because if I can connect to my core via Roon Remote using same network any couldn’t
I see all that is in the MAC core library… Am I doing something wrong here?

Hi @shlomo_reichani,

You should be able to see your entire library when connected via a remote. The library when viewing the remote is just a reflection of what is on your Core.

What type of remote are you using? Can you share a screenshot of Settings > General from the remote device?

Hello Dylan

FIXED!! I guess I had to uninstall the App and reinstall it again. As you said now it showed
what I see in my main MAC that include all my library…
I wonder why Roon don’t have some nice presentation video with the meta data it store inside.
I love this Software don’t misunderstand me, but it would be so nice to see all kind of data related
in a Theather presentation … I am sure you know what I mean…JRiver has it and it’s awusome …
For sure I will keep Roon as my Master library for my stereo system from now on…
No Black Friday for customers who wants to buy or use it ?
Thank you for the help you have provided me and the patient you had…