Roon cannot connect to my SonicTransporter i5

Roon Server Machine

SonicTransporter i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

OpticalRendu lite

Number of Tracks in Library

Tidal. I have no other music sources.

Description of Issue

I’m running Roon through my ST i5, been doing this for 3 years or so and recently Roon was having trouble locating the core server.

I reinstalled everything, rebooted, re-everything, and in the process installed Roon on my Mac Mini by mistake and now have an additional problem. I don’t want to run Roon on my Mac.

Would like to get it up and running on my ST i5 if possible.

Hello @Mark_Ferrier ,

Is the Roon Server on your SonicTransporter still operational? I believe you should be able to check your SonicTransporter status on . I don’t see any other Roon Servers registered to your account in the last 30 days, so the Roon Server on the SonicTrasnporter may be having issues with booting up.

Please also reach out to SonicTransporter support staff, as they would have more insight into their Servers and may be able to run remote diagnostics on the unit, you can reach out to them by clicking the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page:

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