Roon cannot find an album

I am trying out Roon on a trial basis and it cannot find an album that I clearly have on my NAS drive. I have aNorah Jones in 192/24 and it cannot see it. What can I do?
I wonder if there are other albums I’m missing.


Check the file permissions and ownership to ensure it’s such that Roon has read access.

What format is the album in?

Have you tried " focusing" on 192kHz recordings in case it’s been identified in a strange way?


Where do I find the file permission?

It’s a 192/24 FLAC file. I have a large database that I separate into two sub folders. One I scan the sub folder that the file is in it does not show up. When I scan the entire database it then shows up. Strange.

You would find the file permissions by looking at the actual file or folder on the server. In Windows, right click on the file and look under the security tab. You can see the NAS’s share permissions/ownership by going into the NAS settings, at least I can on my ReadyNAS, not sure about other manufacturers.

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