Roon cannot find Lampizator

Roon Core Machine

Euphony OS, SOtM sMB-Q370 motherboard, i9, 64 MB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear switch

Connected Audio Devices

Lampizator DAX

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon cannot find Lampizator DAC. Lampizator is not listed in the vendor list.

How is the dac connected?

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USB from the SOtM tX-USBexp directly to the USB input of the Lampizator (DSD-only). When using Euphony/Stylus as the Audio System the Lampizator is immediately found. Stylus is clumsy but sounds fantastic. My hope is that the SOtM motherboard is the reason for the great SQ and that Roon will sound equally as good as Stylus.

I made some progress. Roon Core finds the following audio device “Combo384 Amanero ALSA”. When I hit the “Enable” button a new window appears with red letters “Enabling” and a box with the text “Unnamed” inside. I cannot fill the box with a name. I cannot get past this window.
What does the text “ALSA” mean. I have never seen this associated with my Lampizator. I recall seeing “Combo384 Amanero” with my Windows 10 ROON CORE and a SOtM SMs-200ultra.

This is normal for using Linux to run Roon Core and connecting a USB DAC to it.

Thank you. I figured out the problem. I eliminated the Iso-Regen from the USB input on the DAC. I am guessing that it is a 5volt issue, which I can solve late. I have ROON running on Euphony now.

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