Roon cannot find MQA titles in TIDAL

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

SSD module in a Synology DS 1517

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

ASUS RT-AX92U wfifi Router in a 3 unit AIMESH Wifi network, SoTM switch for audio signal, conversion to optic fiber leading to the audio room, conversion back to ethernet, Netgear Prosafe 16 switch, ethernet cable to an Esoteric N01 streamer.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Esoteric N-01 streamer

The esoteric uses two programs to read the libraries. The Soundstream application from Esoteric also connects to Tidal. If for example, I search albums from Diana Krall in Soundstream, I find a lot of albums in MQA. If I do the same using Roon, the MQA files do not appear in TIDAL under Roon.

Hello @Hong_Joe_Teng1,

Could you provide a screenshot of a screen where you are expecting to see an MQA result but it does not appear?

You follow the instructions here to take a screenshot and attach it to a post:


Try this:

  • Logout and disable Tidal account
  • Shutdown Roon Core
  • Find your Roon database and delete the tidal_account file (Database > Registry > Core > tidal_account)
  • Navigate to /Library/Roon/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop, or just delete it
  • Reboot Roon Core and login Tidal again

Hi john,

Here you go

Add images



Hi @Hong_Joe_Teng1,

It doesn’t look like the screenshot came through properly, can you please try uploading it again using the instructions listed here?

Note, you’ll have to use the “image upload” button, you can’t just drag-and-drop the image for it to show up.

Have you tried logging out and back into TIDAL via the Roon Settings -> Services tab yet? Has that helped?

Hi @Hong_Joe_Teng1,

Thanks for sending the screenshot again.

I am seeing a few MQA albums listed there (noted by the MQA on the bottom left of the album cover).

Can you clarify what the issue is exactly? Are you unable to play the MQA albums? Do you get any error messages when trying to start playback?

The issue is that when I access tidal through my Esoteric App, there are a lot more MQA albums from the same artist as compared to when I access tidal through Roon. The same issue occurs with other artist

Hi @Hong_Joe_Teng1
How many Diana Krall albums do you have in your library?
Roon will show what you have in your Libary (“Albums”) separately from Streaming Albums you haven’t added to your library yet. Those will show up when you view “All Main Albums”. The sum of all her albums are what is in your library and what is in Tidal but not part of your Library. You can see this happen for yourself if you add an album from “All Main Albums” to your library. Once you refresh the screens you’ll see one less albums in All Main Albums.
Your Esoteric App may not differentiate this way and you may see all the albums grouped together.

Hi @Hong_Joe_Teng1,

Are you looking at the Diana Krall albums in your library? If you search for Diana Krall (using the search function in the upper-right hand corner of Roon), you can navigate down to the Main Albums on TIDAL, not just the one’s that you have added to your library.

There are two “Main Albums” section when looking up an artist, the one’s in your library and the one’s that are not. I believe you might have clicked to focus on just the one’s in your library.

Hello Noris, the screenshot I sent you is “all main albums” from Tidal, so it’s what Roon can find in Tidal

Hi @Hong_Joe_Teng1,

What country is your TIDAL account associated with?

Hello Noris,
My Tidal account is associated with the USA.

Hi @Hong_Joe_Teng1,

I have followed up via private message for next steps.

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