Roon cannot find music folder on NAS

My Synology NAS recently had some issues but has been restored to functionality. Roon Core now cannot see the music stored on it, even though the IP address and folder locations are unchanged. The path is:


and I can access it just fine through Windows Explorer or a browser. Roon Core points to the same folder now, but says:

This directory is not available. Check the director or edit this folder if it’s been moved.

Roon apparently will not allow me to browse my way to the folder.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Are you providing credentials? I use a Synology NAS as well. It used to connect without having to provide credentials but now it won’t connect without them.

Tried adding credentials and get the message “There was an unexpected error. Invalid network path.”

ETA: Problem solved. Switched to using the server’s name rather than the IP address. Thanks for the quick response.

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