Roon cannot find my Dragon Fly Cobalt

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Dragon Fly Cobalt

Description Of Issue

I have been listening to music from Roon using Dragon Fly Cobalt for about a month. Suddenly my Cobalt is not listed as Audio device in Roon any more. I reset the Roon several times but it still doesn’t find my Cobalt. so I cannot listen to music…

The Tidal App can find my Cobalt right away no problem and it’s working okay.

Is there something wrong with Roon?

Could you add some details? Core is running on what kind of hardware and the Cobalt DAC is attached to what device?

As @Bernd_Kurte has mentioned, some more details would help, but in the meanwhile try rebooting your Roon core, the networked device to which the Dragonfly Cobalt is attached, and your router. I’ve found that missing audio devices will often reappear when all the devices in the signal chain are rebooted.


Hey @Marc_Lee,

Please, accept my apologies for the delay in replying - it has taken us much longer than we had hoped to get back to everyone :pleading_face:

Is this issue something you’re still running into? Could you please share some more details as @Bernd_Kurte and @DaveN have asked (thank you both!)?

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