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I am using my iPad as a remote for my Nucleus +, which in turn supports my component system.
All components are working fine. Nucleus shows power and connectivity. iPad simply cannot locate the Nucleus. I have tried hooking the Nucleus to my TV monitor via HDMI cable. Nothing comes up at all on the screen.
It seems from the Community support threads that other users have recently had the same issue.
Rebeka in the Customer Success dept has now referred me to you.
The situation has become truly nonfunctional. Can you please help?

Hi Steven,

Fellow user here.

Can you get to the Web UI page for the Nucleus? And, if so, post a screen pic here. That will help support. Info on the Web UI Here:

The first thing I would suggest is to power the Nucleus down, wait and drink a cuppa tea, then with the HDMI monitor attached, power it up. Watch the monitor to see if any boot information is displayed, or, conversely any error messages.

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No access to Web UI page for Nucleus…no interactive access I mean.
I did go to the link and read.
Tried the HDMI to TV connection. Powered up Nucleus.
No response at all from TV monitor.
I have also rebooted my router a couple of times. No joy.

Official Roon Support will be by as soon as possible. In the meantime, do you have another PC you can setup as a Core

Thanks again.
I do not have a PC alternative with HDMI connectivity. So answer is no.
Appreciate your help.

You don’t need HDMI connectivity on your PC. Daniel was suggesting it as a temporary Roon Core until your Nucleus is fixed I think.

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Yes, thanks Geoff. Sorry if I wasn’t clearer.

The reason, I surmise, that I do need an HDMI connection is for output to my DAC.
No good having a Roon Core, is there?, if there is no music to be fetched from it?
Simply asking.

Hey @Steven_Brooks,

Ben here with the support team, I will reach out to you via PM for the next steps. Please keep an eye out for a message from me :+1: