Roon cannot find my SMS 200 Ultra streamer

Maybe I have a similar problem with a SOTM product. Everything was running perfect, but from one day to another Roon cannot find my SMS 200 Ultra streamer connected to my (USB2) Doge Dac 7.
My streamer can find my Dac, and it all seems ok. The support from SOTM has so far not been able to find the explanation.
Right now I have connected my Roon Rock server directly to my dac by USB instead of the better sounding (I guess) SMS200 Ultra.
If you have your Roon Rock Nuc close to your Dac you could maybe do the same, and make Roon work untill the streaming problem has been solved.

Have you tried to re-flash the SD card?

When I owned a SOtM it sometimes just went missing on the network. Re-flashed the SD card and it was back again.

Hello @Anders_Lassen,

Sorry about the trouble you ran into… :sweat:

I was wondering, did @Fredrik_Andersson’s suggestion help (by the way, a big thank you for sharing from your experience).

We’d love to lend a hand if needed :nerd: