Roon cannot find Nucleus+ as its core anymore

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Nucleus+ 4TB (almost new Dec 2021)

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Roon cannot find the Nucleus+ core anymore (bought in Dec 2021 directly from Roon website) I had troubles in the past and when I accepted to run an update it will not show up anymore.

Turning on/off the Nucleus+ didn’t resolve the issue. I also restarted my wifi router in my house. This didn’t help either.

Ethernet port LED is flashing and all other devices connected via LAN and WiFi are working properly…

Need help to troubleshoot and resolve

Thanks Herbert

Can you connect a HDMI screen to Nucleus, take and then upload a image of it to here.
This will help to diagnose what state the Nucleus is in.

Also, are you able to view the Nucleus’ web admin interface? If so post a screen shot of that as well.

I did connect my large screen LG-TV but on the respective HDMI inlet is shows “no signal” (on both A and B output of the Nucleus)
In my router the NucleusPlus IP address shows “inactive” and if I try to enter the Nucleus IP the message “can not open page” appears
Kind of tapping in the dark….


Unfortunately no signal on the HDMI suggest the unit is faulty and needs to be returned to Roon for repair.

If you purchased from a dealer contact them, if direct from Roon their support on here can arrange the return.

Let me tag @support, so they can further advise.

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Hi @Herbert_Zwartkruis,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m sorry to hear about your issues and will be happy to help.

I will send you a private message with steps to begin a warranty or RMA repair of the unit.


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