Roon cannot find Roon Core on RPI 3B

RoPieee 2023.01.1 (0721)
Kernel 5.15.89-SPCKFSH-v7+
Board Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

connected Ethernet with cable
static ip settings and dhcp tried
Netgear Switch

Connected Audio Devices

I use a Hifiberry DAC +

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon dont find the Roon Cor on RPI
Not with Android App and also with Windows App

@norbert_ruethers, welcome to the Community. Are you expecting the RPi to be a Roon Core? If so, the RPi can be only an endpoint, you need a Windows, Mac, Linux or RoonOS Nucleus or ROCK to be a Roon Core. The Core acts as the central server and is used to control point to provide music across your home network.

Or do you have a computer running your Roon Core and RPi cannot see the Core?

Have you read through how Roon works and other help areas in Roon’s Knowledge Base?

Oh ok
im not so familiar with the principles of Roon
I use volumio and runeaudio in the past and that is all in one
i dont realize the fact. that in Roon is everything seperatly

I hope the extra hardware is worth it in the end.

Only you can decide that but your not going to get an advanced server app like Roon running on a pi it doesn’t have the grunt. It does a lot more than Volumio.

Yes thats true
But what is the main difference between Roon and the other solutions like volumio, Moode audio and runeaudio ?
Is the Sound so much better ?
Can i use my music library on a SMB Share to play music ?

I recommend going through the links I sent above to get a feel for what Roon does and the potential value it may bring to you. For me, the metadata across all my music (which is local, I don’t use streaming services) is what I use most within Roon, as it shows backgrounds, history, and links between songs, musicians, bands, and production teams. The multizone streaming sychronization across my home is the other key feature.

Others may use Roon to combine their local and streaming libraries, while some Roon users use Roon for the advanced signal processing capabiltiies. There are many features and as @Simon_Arnold3 noted, only you can make the determination of its value to you.

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